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AI generated image

Uppdaterat: 20 apr. 2023

Far beyond the mountains in a fantasy landscape lurked a creature more evil than any. The devil himself had chosen to hide among the high peaks and dark caves that stretched across the landscape.

AI generated Fantasy world background using Night Cafe Studio, combined with my own images and composed in Photoshop. A new exciting way to create digital art. ”Theme Devils”. This will definitely be my next project alongside Glowing mushroom.

Using AI to create art, is that cheating? Or is it a new way to create digital art. And if you also insert your own photographs, does that count as a collage? What do you think?

Add another art image. Two AI generated image combined in Photoshop. Planet and mist added by layers in Photoshop

Ok for sale? See below what NightCafe say

Copyright laws for AI-generated artworks are still evolving, and vary from country to country. It's up to you to check the Copyright laws in your own country.

In jurisdictions where NightCafe is deemed the Copyright holder (as the AI-generation platform), we agree to transfer the Copyright ownership to you - the creator - to use however you like, provided that you didn't use any Copyright restricted images to create it.

That means, as long as you own (or have permission to use) any input images you used, you will be assigned Copyright by us. For style transfer, you must have copyright permission for the content and style images. For text-to-image artworks, you must have copyright permissions for any start and target images. If your creation doesn't use any other images, you're welcome to use it for commercial purposes.

We do our best to ensure that only public domain and royalty-free images appear in the preset styles and free images tabs of the image picker, but we don't guarantee that these images are free of copyright limitations, and it's up to you to double-check

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